House of Stones

Since you have tasted that the Lord is good. Coming to Him, a living stone—rejected by men but chosen and valuable to God— you yourselves, as living stones, are being built into a spiritual house for a holy priesthood… (1 Peter 2:3-5 HCSB)

Of all the things to be, a stone would not be what any of us would probably choose for ourselves in imagery. Stones are rough. They are jagged, they are thrown, used as markers, kicked around, and sometimes they roll. I was thinking on this choice by Peter, impressed upon to write by God, about the believers being living stones.

He reiterates the phrase we see from the Old Testament, affirming Christ as the cornerstone. Peter, who is called by Christ, the foundation of the new church after His ascension. I wonder if Peter picked up on that theme for his life. I wonder if he had a builder’s mindset and so naturally the imagery presented itself fully through him. (I digress…and look forward to talking with him on these things in eternity)

Knowing that the Lord is good, we come to Him our cornerstone who binds together the foundation of salvation, IMG_0740laying a straight path to build upon…us living stones. Having taken geology in college I know there are various types of stones, throughout various landscapes across the globe. In order for the stones to be laid and a house to be built, they would naturally have to be shaped and molded…knowing that the various stones are all equal in size and perfectly produced to lay flat. It means that they have to go through a process of refining, sanding and smoothing. Rounded and shaped in order to fit one another, and lay upon the foundation.

That doesn’t happen without friction and it doesn’t happen to just one stone but all the various ones used to build the spiritual house. We, as living stones, know what it means to feel that friction, the tension of the builder sanding away the rough edges, filing down our outward selves in order to fulfill a purpose in building, to be a part of the framework. The builder chooses the ones rejected by others because time and care go into building with stones. It’s labor intensive, and it’s gritty. You don’t expect to be chosen and not refined in the process.

He grabs us by our rough edges that we stumble to Him with, and there are days we see evidence of the rounded corners, a smooth exterior forming after a time of forming. Other times, He chips away at an area we didn’t know was rough, in order for us to be laid wholly and completely alongside of one another in the building of a royal priesthood…a house that will stand whatever weather may come, insulating and holding fast throughout eternity. They are bound up and sealed with Someone far stronger than any binding agent.

It’s interesting to know that those masons who choose stone to build with each have a unique signature to their work. In the midst of the friction, on the days of smooth edges I wonder if the signature of Hands That Form Me are apparent.

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