Being Clothed at Work

“Always dress for the next job you want, not the one you have now.” Someone I consider a mentor said this to me several years ago. He, of course, was saying this with a tie on, shirt tucked in, and neatly pressed pants. I can count only a few times I have seen him in jeans at the workplace, and even fewer times I saw him without a tie on. He’s now in a larger role at another business. I have thought about his words alot in the context of how we show up to work. How we dress ourselves, both in clothing and attitude, with our characteristics and personality. I cannot help but think his words are sound and true when we start to look at how we clothe ourselves inwardly (as well as outwardly) to do what we are called to in this season. Work as though you were in the next job. Do work that you would want Christ to return to see you doing. And sometimes that means spreadsheets and setting up tables. Taking out the garbage or cleaning the coffee pot. Because in Colossians we are reminded that whatever we are doing, we are doing it for God and not for man. Some days it may feel like it’s for man, but ultimately it is for Him. Or at least it should be. Including the words we speak in the closed office, the time we spend in email, and our responses to others. I even believe it falls in how we clothe ourselves outwardly. I think ensuring that as a believer we are dressing responsibly and honorably in alignment with the authority of those we report to in the work place. Outwardly often reflects our inward heart, especially over time. So take time today to look at how you are reflecting your attitude and robing of Christ in the work place. How are you clothing yourself as you reflect Him?

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