It’s Time That We Start Again…

I sat on my back porch this afternoon, fully engulfed in a book I have found hard to engage the last couple of weeks. The sun was shining, birds were doing their chirp song and life in that moment was fully being lived. There’s even a growing sun burn on my legs as proof.

That’s when this song came flooding my thoughts as I gazed up into the very blue sky…

“Open your heart, it’s time that we start again.”

I could not turn off that refrain as I sat there. It just kept repeating. Those words, hit home and dug deep. They reinforced this same nudging I have carried around the last few days. Nudgings I kept trying to pass off as my own selfish thoughts, desires that I truly believed I had left nine weeks ago as passing fancies for a time.

Then there’s this morning…unassumingly in worship when God calls yet again to say He put that longing on my heart and wants to know if I will follow Him obediently into it. No guarantees of ease, giving up the comfort for work. But work that is in obedience to Him. That is a heart’s cry and answer all wrapped into one.

But I have to lay down that net. That net I have let ensnare and capture me with distractions and excuses. A net of my own making, to provide my very own way. A way I know He is with me on, but not one that I am following Him obediently in. One that I allow Him into the journey on, but asking to stay in the boat rather than step out courageously and confident in Him.

So here I am again, hitting publish on this site and back to sharing what God puts in my heart and at my fingertips to write. Unashamedly for Him, not for myself or for the numbers.

Want a glimpse at the sermon that caught in my throat today? Check out the audio later this week here.

And want to know the song I cannot get out of my head, check out Hawk Nelson’s Drops in the Ocean.

One thought on “It’s Time That We Start Again…

  1. This was a good one. I sincerely enjoy your blogs. You are a great writer!! Keep them coming, Bobbie

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