My Nightlight

I have a light in the hallway upstairs outside of the bedrooms. It’s a small one that runs off of solar energy for when it’s dark in the hallway. In all of the things I have bought over the last seven months for my home, this has been my favorite.

The reason being is that I absolutely cannot see when I get up in the night or in the very early morning. Due to bad vision, and night blindness, my eyes don’t adjust to the darkness as quickly. Hence many bumps and bruises from slamming into things.

This little small wattage of light allows, even when the door is shut for a sliver of light to come through. In the dark, it looks as if my hallways is flooded with light and glowing. Recently I was looking at it while lying awake in unrest and thoughts plaguing me.

To the dark, it seems as if there is such an immeasurable light on the other side of that door. It breaks through in the door frame, filling the gaps with it’s glow. This weekend I was reminded of this passage and how it so sweetly fits the image of bearing light.

Do all things without grumbling or disputing, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain. Philippians 2:14-16 (ESV)

Do you see that? We shine as lights in the world. We are the ones flooding the gaps in the darkness, giving the glow of the Son to others in order for them to see their way in the dark. It’s work to be the light. It doesn’t just come to us naturally.

Just as my trusty light I have in my hallway, it has to be plugged into a source, be revitalized with the light from another place in order to function as it’s designed to function. When the light gets dim in us, we have to remember that we are the ones flooding that gap for someone else, that we must choose deliberately to renew our energy from the Source from which it comes. That light in us? Well it’s not reliant upon us to shine. It’s found fully in Him.

Plug in to the source, flood the gap, be the light in the crack for another who is on the other side of the door, in the dark, searching for a way.

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