Vulnerable Schmunerable

vulnerability-is-not-weakness-and-that-myth-is-profoundly-dangerousI have been dwelling on the thought of vulnerability since Tuesday evening. I had the privilege of attending Donald Miller’s book launch and reading. Sitting in that room full of creatives I was both inspired and intimidated. Hearing Donald read from his new book Scary Close, was truly heart-touching and terrifying.

The reason being is because I have been stuck on getting vulnerable in my own writing. I have warred between humor and transparency, wondering which I should really embrace in the book. I hear the coming tidal wave of critics if I am honest, and it causes a pause in my heart. In my mind and in my writing.

But Tuesday night stirred deep within me the thoughts on vulnerability, and how we in today’s culture use that as a means of being truthful with people to hurt. We wield vulnerability and transparency as weapons often. Instead I think we need to a bit more truth couched in social skills and resiliency. We need to compassionately breathe in truth while breathing out wisdom and peace.

It’s so hard though. In the midst of it all. To lovingly embrace the uncomfortable. To encourage through discipline. To love through doubt. Vulnerability has not yet once said it is comfortable. It has never pretended it was easy or put on a facade that said “it’s natural.” No it doesn’t give us that illusion. While being vulnerable is never comfortable, it is helpful.

Let me repeat that…

Vulnerability is helpful. To the person giving it and the ones receiving it. It’s a transactional relationship and one that we find is easier given than received.

Today attempt to move from the comfort of a facade and be a part of transactional vulnerability. Don’t hide behind defenses or points, rights and wrongs. Choose to both give and receive vulnerability in light of another person.

You’d be amazed at what can occur.

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