Overwhelmed and Overcome

Do you ever look at a to-do list and start to get a bit anxious? Only because five more things pop in your head you need to place on there, and you just know they won’t get done.

Does your inbox look a mess? Unread emails, unreplied emails from weeks ago that you just cannot seem to catch up to?

For the most part, I can control the anxiety of a to-do list because of my choice to focus on specific things to work through them. But I will be honest here, yesterday got the best of me. I had several things going on at once, new things added and then the Monday wrench thrown in towards the end of the work day.

I will also share that I did not respond very well to the final slap of Monday. I suddenly found myself overwhelmed and frustrated. I came home and pulled out my study for small group, only to be reminded that I do not have to be overwhelmed. Things and people can demand my time and attention, I am the one who chooses where that fits into my life.

I know who I am, and my value is not set on to-do list or task. My worth is not defined by another person’s insecurities, or jabs at my life. (I am still processing that one…) I remembered something that flooded my heart during the service on Sunday, as we walk through apologetics. Aaron shared that when we pursue things, we’ll find that truth of them-their cultural standard-constantly shifting.

So today. In this very moment, I am choosing to be overcome by Him rather than overwhelmed by things. by people. by to-dos.

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