One Word for 2015

How are we already three weeks into January? I feel like we are moving at warp speed in the new year already. I realized this week how quickly time passes without us truly seeing it.

For the last several years I have chosen one word to define my year, to actively seek out how that word can be used in my year with intentionality and purpose. As I alluded to a couple of weeks back when I wrote on my Joy Journal, my word this year is JOY.

It is bold, it is outrageous and it is new. The last couple of years have been hampered with some truly unjoyous times and situations (yes I know that’s not a word, but it is for me in defining these times). This year I want intentionality in joy, to seek it out and also appreciate it’s presence around me.

In the last month leading up to the new year I prayed through my attitude and choices of dependence in life. I was finding my worth was being put into things and people who truly weren’t capable, equipped, nor worthy to have it. Only God defines my worth, as much as others try to do that themselves. In realizing that, I found I also rested my joy in them in ways I shouldn’t have. I placed joy into the “circumstantial” category and kept it there.

While I usually only post once on my one word for the year, I will endeavor to share more this year about choosing joy, seeking joy, and being joy-filled. You can also follow along on social media with me as I pursue joy if you’re so inclined.

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice. Psalm 51:8 (ESV)

How do you seek out joy? Do you have to be intentional about it in your own life? I’d love to hear from you on joy, and ways you see it and find it in your life!

Also, do you have a one word for the year? Check out One Word 365 for other bloggers sharing their word.

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