My Imaginary Husband Prayers Pt. 1

So yesterday I shared with you all how I pray for my imaginary husband. While it may seem rather funny to do but I am finding it keeps my prayers centered and the focus not so much on me but on God’s plan.

Let me admit though that I do sometimes pray that God would hurry up just a bit…transparency here y’all.

So I promised yesterday that this week I’d share how you can be praying for your imaginary husband (and if you’re a guy I’d love for you to share how you’d like to be prayed for too!). This goes for if you’re dating, engaged or married too. I hope you’ll find new ways to be praying for your man as well. I know that often I find my prayers become either redundant or lost in the fray of all that’s going on in life. This helps me center my prayer life a bit more as well.

In part one I share the obvious ways to be praying for him, right now where he is in his life.

  1. Pray for his spiritual walk. That he would have a growing, deeper connection with the Lord and where He is leading him. That he would be pursuing a consistent prayer life, meditating on Scripture and reading His Bible (just as I pray you are doing).
  2. Pray for his heart, that he would keep it with vigilance. (Proverbs 4:23) That he would guard it with spiritual disciplines as mentioned in #1. That his heart would be set on God’s plan and God’s will for his life.
  3. Pray that he would be quick to address sin in his life, and have wisdom to recognize stumbling blocks before him. (Psalm 51)
  4. Pray for growth in his leadership skills. Something that is often discussed among women today is the lack of leadership among men they meet. Be diligent in encouraging or supporting men in leadership. Pray that he would have those around him to support and encourage him to grow in leadership and he would find ways to do this within his work, home and church.
  5. Pray for his prayer life. While at first this one seemed silly to me, I found that I needed prayer for my own prayer life. To be consistent in his prayer life, always vigilant and without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
  6. Pray for his thought life. Nothing assaults a man more than his thought life. It is something I have come to learn from conversations from friends and (ex)boyfriends. Temptations abound that we women often don’t understand that perpetuate in their thoughts. Pray that his mind would be pure, that he would dwell on good and lovely things. That his thoughts would be guarded and a hedge of protection would be around him. (Philippians 4:8)

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