Praying For Your Imaginary Husband

Often I have conversations with single friends who say they feel like the possibility of a mate is slipping away, that it’s possible it was all in their head and they made up the desire to want a spouse. Then I talk with some engaged and married friends (because it’s good to have variety in life) and they share how they had felt it was never going to happen for them when they met their (soon-to-be) husband or wife.

This whole topic has had me thinking for quite some time on how we approach the desire for marriage when we are habitually single, and quite possibly losing our hope of marriage.

I do want to state this upfront that I have a very firm belief that God gives good desires. He gives us the yearning of more of Him and the desire to not be alone. I also think that comes in many forms, but for some He gifts them the desire to marry, a desire so wholly in Him to be in a triune relationship with God and a spouse.

But for the singles out there, do you get tired of praying “Where is he/she already?” I know I have as I meet the half way point of my Jesus year (33 for those of you not keeping score). I have thrown the gauntlet down with God and challenged Him on many a quiet day. Shouts of anger and frustration have gone up to Him as well. While God knows our hearts, He also has a plan. I am sure if you’re single you’ve had Jeremiah 29:11 thrown at you on more than one occasion.

I realized that while my prayers were honest before God, I had also taken a slight turn toward petulance and selfishness in them. I am focused more on what He’s doing for me and not in me. While there are moments and days when I still cry out in frustration, I have learned through His teaching to be praying for that husband whose not quite in my life yet (possibly).

Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, how would it look if I prayed over the man He was doing a work in simultaneously? So that’s what I have been doing for the last few months. I ventured into a conversation with a friend on this topic some months back to see that he too was doing the same. He shared over on his blog about how he was praying for his future wife, which I found to be eye-opening as I hope my future husband is praying over me in much the same way.

So all this week, I am going to be sharing ways we as women can be praying for a future husbands, ones that may be in our lives already or ones that we have yet to meet. Join me on this journey as we pray for our imaginary husbands and refocus our hearts in loving others as we are commanded.

Already dating someone, engaged or married? Join along with us and be praying for him as well.

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