Journal of Joy

I plan to share in a post later next week on my One Word for 2015, as that is something I find to resonate throughout the year in my life.

Something new I started this year though was a journal of joy. I don’t know about you all, but I journal. It’s the writer in me. A while back I stumbled upon old journals from college and post-grad life. I cackled laughing at some of the stuff in there. But it marked alot of things for me in that time period that I was heavily dwelling upon.

I have a devotional journal where I am also in agreement with Annie Downs, shall be burned upon my death. God and I get alot of talking down in there, and I look back through it after a season of life to see what I missed in it and what He led me through.

So back to this journal of joy. For the last couple of years I have had this knot of negativity and pessimism reigning in me. I called it a realistic attitude but I found towards the end of 2014 that it had been negative junk. It weighed me down and spread toxicity in alot of things. So I decided this year would be a year where I would find the joy in things, people, circumstances and situations. (spoiler alert on the One Word post, by the way)

To aid in that I bought a new journal, and who doesn’t love a new journal AND pens?! AmIright?! I don’t write every day because that’s too demanding and soon I would dislike my joy journal. But I pause at the end of days and put in a few thoughts of joy from the day or the couple of days before.

With so much strain and pushing in all around, I come back to that journal already nine days into 2015 to see joy found, joy sought and joy realized. It’s already making for a brighter, sweeter new year in my heart and in my journal.

Do you journal? If so would you join with me to be intentional once a month, a week, or a day to share a joy found in it?

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