The Fear of Fitness Classes

Let me admit here among friends that I am incredibly awkward when working out. I may love some music and dance around, but God did not gift me with the ability to be coordinated in those efforts. It’s who I am.

For a very long time I steered clear of anything beyond weight machines and cardio machines. I felt safe there, nothing could make me look utterly ridiculous. Then I hit 30 and my body decided it didn’t really care for doing those exercises with the same results. (PS, this is an actual you age your body responds differently as your metabolism morphs)

I knew it was time to start exploring other means of working out. Hear me when I say I am not a gym rat, you probably could already figure that out. But the fear of how I would look, not knowing the routine or possibly being in way over my head engulfed me. I refused to take any classes at the Y for two years.

I finally bit the bullet, hurried into a class on campus and camped out in the back. I decided I might be awkward but chances are, someone else in the class was new. I ended up loving the class (while incredibly grueling but completely worth it) and became a regular. I quickly realized that most people are not intense experts at fitness classes, except for the instructor.

I gave myself permission to be a beginner and let everyone else off the hook too. 99% of the time people are not judging us in that. We are vain creatures by nature and are often more concerned with how we are viewed than viewing others. We let fear have power and authority in lives by giving it to a thing (starting a new career, graduating, buying a house) or a person (your spouse, a love interest, your boss, a peer).

Fear will grip you when you are about to step out, try something new or forge a path for yourself. Fear is the flag that waves when you are out of your comfort. Maybe it’s time we burned that flag of fear and instead chose to learn something new. Chose to live out of comfort instead of in it. Chose to put down our own ego and create space for joy.

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