Doubtful…at best.

Doubt is a funny thing. If we aren’t careful it can creep in unawares and spread like a bug infestation. Recently I heard the story of Moses in Exodus 4 from a different perspective.

This was along about the time Moses was being called by God to do great things. We get the version that isn’t live, but “previously recorded” if you will, so we know the outcome. God calls him to do His work, Moses doubts. God calls him to action, Moses doubts again.

Here’s where it gets interesting for me…

God asks what is in Moses’ hand. He’s God, He’s all-knowing, and He never asks a question for His own need. He asks it for the one that is to answer. Right there, God is giving us something truly powerful. He’s giving us the assurance that what is within our hands He has given for use.

He has equipped us for His work, yet we continue to doubt. We don’t doubt Him and His ability to do the work (well maybe occasionally we doubt Him too). No we doubt our power, efficiency, ability and gifts. We are doubtful, at best, of ourselves to do what He is giving us as work, as life.

We wrestle, we fight, and we question, “Why us?” Yet He still pursues us with this call, with these gifts that are within our hands. He points to them and asks what they are, not for His benefit but our own. It is recognizing the true goodness and sovereign nature of Him that calls us as He has already equipped us. He knew we’d doubt, He knew we’d question Him-pointing to others. He provides the way for His will to be done.

But wouldn’t it be sweeter, wouldn’t it be joy-filled to find that our doubt gets set aside when we look at what is within our hands? When we see what He has made capable through us and in us, not by our own limited means. There will be failure, but there will also be glory to give to Him. There’s work to be done and calling’s to be followed. Hearts that desire to be fulfilled by affirming ourselves in the confidence of His creation-ourselves.

What is in your hands?

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