Gifts and Tools and Talents

For years my dad will talk about tools with me. It must be a tomboy thing. He will pull them out and show me what they do, or point to one in Home Depot and talk about all of it’s uses. In being a new homeowner I am relishing the information he has shared with me over the years, because when something happens (like the washing machine drain pipe coming loose) I know what I need to use to fix the problem.

It’s the knowledge that he has carried for years that I am thankful he spent time passing on to me. The same goes with my car. He educated me so that I would recognize when I was being had by a mechanic or when to take my car in when the alignment felt slightly off.

We all have these tools and talents, knowledge that we have ascertained or been gifted. This last year I truly doubted much of the tools I had in my own toolbox, and questioned any of the talents in which I felt I had. I didn’t put them to use, or I used them for something else in the hopes that would be the fix.

In the middle of Advent season, God showers us with our gifts by ensuring we see the talents we have in the midst of confusion, division, doubts and busyness. He gives us these gifts and tools to be used, to multiply again and again. I think know I have taken these gifts for granted, eschewing them aside because it didn’t seem like they were of use. I heard something yesterday that caught my attention:

That’s the thing with tools. When they are used for their purpose they work well. When they aren’t, well...”

Our gift may be a voice, a song, writing or baking. It could be mothering or leading. So often we doubt the good gifts given and they go unused. We turn into the man who buried his gold in the field because of fear. We see the others around us using their gifts given and we begin to skew our minds into thinking He hasn’t gifted us as well or with opportunity.

But look at how He gifts, each one according to their ability. I started thinking on that after hearing it in the context of my favorite people currently, Mary and Joseph. They were faithful in what they were given. They could have said no, but He knew their hearts, their talents, their faithfulness, and most of all, their ability to carry what He called them to do.

What would it look like if we started being faithful in the gifts He has given us? Instead of living in fear of not accomplishing it with what He has given, but rather rejoicing in what He entrusts to us to carry? Maybe they aren’t the best cookies in the world, but you baked them for that family you knew needed them. Maybe you only get to speak to kids for twenty minutes once a week, but you spoke to the hearts who would listen, who needed you to speak that truth into them. Maybe you don’t get as many views or likes on something you poured your heart into, but you were obedient to do what He impressed upon your heart. (Hi, that one’s me and I’ll dive into that ugly mess in a later post)

Be faithful in the gift given this year. If it matters enough to Him to gift you with it, then it makes an eternal difference that you use it.

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