Worry Wart

I think if I could make a profession out of worrying, I’d be the CEO of the business. A Steve Jobs-level mastermind of it and ultimately creating an empire of worrying. Sometimes I keep my worries locked internally, running through so much in my brain that it overloads. Other times I share my worries, most often in the form of “scenarios” or “ideas” to others.

It provides a safe space for me to share, gain feedback all the while never disclosing how I am worrying over something. If I am asking alot of questions about something, nine times out of ten, it’s because I am ruminating on a worry. The last few months it reached a fever pitch with alot of things going on in life.

Last night as I was praying through a certain worry that has taken root again, my mind jumped back to Saturday night. I heard Ellie Holcomb (go buy her album, seriously) admit to being a worrier too. I also heard her say these words, “But you know, I have never worried when I have gone to bed at night whether the sun would come up the next day.”

Gut Check.

Heart Check.

Head Check.

I keep coming back to her words. (and alot more from Saturday night’s event, but that’s for another time…) Last night especially, and then again this morning as I awoke. Why would I worry about the sun coming up? I know the Creator put the world into motion, the sun in the sky and defined Day and Night. So I trust Him with that.

But not the stuff I believe I can control, right? The stuff I think might be too minute or even too complex for the Creator of the universe to handle…The world gets me wrapped up in circumstances. It attempts to define me (and many times succeeds) rather than allowing me to choose to be defined by God.

_5C_22For with God nothing will be impossible_5C_22_0A_0ALuke 1_3A37

In Luke, as Gabriel heralds the coming of Christ to an unsuspecting Mary, he closes the interaction with the words, “For with God nothing is impossible.” She had just found out she would be the one birthing the Savior of the world into life on earth, as both God and man. She did not stumble in her faith, asking for a sign of this wonder. No, she sought to understand by asking “How?”

That’s not worry, that’s unabashed belief. That’s seeking Him in the midst of circumstance. It is evidencing that God is not defined by difficult circumstances. In fact He keeps His promises despite them.

Instead of being the master worrier that I have worn like a badge of honor, it’s time to start giving the Master credit for His faithful and enduring promises, His acts of mercy, His glorious consistency, and unending grace. Maybe it’s time to give Him credit despite my feelings about a situation.

Maybe it’s time to relinquish my belief that something is far beyond His hands.

Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.

Jeremiah 32:17 (ESV)

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