As I keep meditating on Isaiah 9:6 this week, I find myself dwelling on the names which Christ is foretold to be called. I love that. Before He was born into our existence in human form, He was called by name.

Often growing up you get called names, some of which aren’t the nicest nor the most flattering. Thankfully my parents named me after a lovely woman in the Bible who had some sass to her-she had the audacity to laugh at God’s plan for her life (sounds familiar…). I got called a really crappy name once by a boy in my class, and let’s just say that was the first and last time. I may have been called things behind my back, but I never got wind of them. Maybe I am naive to what was said or what I was called, but I had enough names for myself within me that I didn’t pay much attention to the others.

I come back to Isaiah nine because I see the path laid before this child, this Holy Savior, being birthed and given to us. In the same breath that Isaiah prophesies a child being born, he calls Him wonderful, counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.


I dwell on wonderful today…(yes I separated it from Counselor as many commentaries point to the natural break there). I sit in wonder at the fullness of His majesty. I grow in curiosity and bow in astonishment at His goodness in both man and God-form.

He inspires delight.

He brings about pleasure.

He is marvelous.

He is extremely good.

He is lovely.

I wonder at His wonderfulness.

What a Name, a glorious Name to be called…what a delight to marvel and be in admiration of. He would do many wondrous works, and we still delight in Him today.

May we pause and wonder today at His Wonderful Name.

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