A Washing Machine, Concussion, and Your Story.

Saturday was unexpected.

It was nothing like it had been planned throughout the week. I started feeling bad late on Thursday and then Friday it spiraled further down. I was definitely coming down with the crud. I had to end up canceling a volunteer opportunity I was excited about because with a fever I was afraid it might be contagious. Needless to say Saturday ended up being a rather free day for me to be a bum on the couch in my pajamas and recuperate.

Until I did laundry…then all bets were off.

I just happened to hear water coming from upstairs and went to check that I had shut the door to the laundry, only to find the drain hose detached from the washing machine and water spewing out everywhere. I even mean all over me. Thankfully as a new homeowner, and daughter to parents who show you how to do things going for yourself, I shut the water off, unplugged both machines and switched off the power to those outlets. I freaked out for about ten minutes, then went off to buy a wet vac and got to cleaning it up.

You think, “Oh man, that sucks.” Well in the midst of cleaning in behind the washing machine to get all the soapy water out from under it, I miscalculated the shelving above the machine and full on knocked myself out. Yep, saw stars and all…gave myself a mild concussion and some pretty nasty looking bruising coming up.


I share all of this because I have been thinking on it more and more as the days pass. Had my plans gone as I thought earlier in the week, I wouldn’t have been home but I would’ve still done laundry, leaving that water spewing for far longer than it did-and potentially a much BIGGER issue to come home to deal with. I could’ve avoided the concussion but who knows what else could’ve happened?

So often we live in this “just missed that issue” or “just dodged that bullet” when in fact there’s a reason why. I don’t think we need to find meaning in every little thing-like if I get through this light then the Broncos will win the Super Bowl. That’s not how it works. I think when plans don’t go as we thought we can often look at it with regret or a “what if?” mentality when it fact it’s painting a much bigger story for our lives, and the lives of others.

Live well in the moment with the story you have, not the one you’d prefer to create for others or even for yourself. You were gifted with the “right now” story, not there the “there and then” story. Maybe that story looks jumbled on the page. Perhaps it’s in the midst of a drama when you thought this would be a romance, suspense when it was a comedy. Whatever your story is currently, it’s worth sharing and being a part of it, not wishing it to be something else.

Live in your story, not what you wish it was.

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