Clicking Gears

I’ve sat before and watched as friends and family have struggled with a God lesson, that many around them could see but knew they had to get before there would be an impact, a movement, a step taken.

In my own life those moments have happened, and mostly it’s been as a reflection on tense moments, situations where hindsight and prayer provided clarity, and the like. For those of you who have had these you can liken it to a gear shifting into place, a click if you will.

Recently I had the moment where in studying during my devotion time a huge gear clicked into place that I truly believe He’s been trying to get me to turn for a while. We like to fight the call to turn that gear though don’t we? We know that once we turn it, there’s not going back, it’s got a protectant seal on it so no wrenches can get into it. The next gear may not be in place yet, but we know this one is set. It’s a terrifying place to be in, but one with wild excitement too.

That’s when you take note of all the other gears that have fallen into place to get you to that one…the one specific one right then. You start to see the whole outline behind you, and see when you were reading that it was preparing you for this moment. When you heard that word from someone, well, it was God setting His plan into motion to encourage you through a friend.

I think we like the notion of being used for His good and being obedient to His will, but living that out when He clicks a gear in place? Not so much. Especially when it’s a scary place that arouses the dream you’ve wondered was of your own design…yet that gear was set into place by Him to let you know specifically it is of Him, not you. It means it is a much higher calling, to serve others as we love Him out in every way.

But it removes all doubt that it is of your design or in your strength. It reminds of His sovereign nature knowing that He withholds no good thing from those who walk up rightly. That just like Moses, Joshua and Paul He will use the unlikely, the unprepared to live out His glorious story…you just need to let that gear slide into place focusing only on how it is working now in order to continue movement.

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