Friday Perspective

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week. It seems what we planned for on Monday didn’t quite pan out by the time we get to Friday. But you know what I have learned over and over again throughout the years? Our plans don’t much matter because God’s got a bigger one that He’s been working on far longer than we have been here.

As this time of year begins to amplify busyness for all of us, in the midst of trials, stress and unplanned circumstances take time to enjoy one another. Take time to breathe, knowing He has known this all along and has prepared you for the situation or the meeting. He’s been building you for the fire, not to go it alone but to join with you in the furnace.

Are there things you take for granted when it’s a difficult season? Or when it is too busy to even process? I know I take for granted those friends who pray, who breathe life and remind me of the greater good. It’s a beautiful community which God has placed me in and asks that I engage with it, because they provide perspective.

I pray today that whatever fire you are in or that you are staring down, that you cling to community. The people He has given you for such a time as this, they are vital to this season. That problem will still be there in an hour, or in the morning. Yes you will need to address it, but life isn’t about getting to the next fire but about who is on the journey through them with you. He appears in the midst with us, but there’s always those willing to step in with you unwavering in their faith.

Set about cherishing them today. In the season of thankfulness and gratitude, take a moment to thank them and pray for them. I find that when I step back from whatever fire is swirling around me to encourage and support friends my problems look so much smaller-not to diminish the issue-but it allows me to see that it is not all about me. This life is built upon foundations, and our friends are in the midst of that building that withstands any fire brought on them or us.

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