Trees of Change

I love the fall, especially in the South. No where else can you go and see the beauty that explodes from a season change quite like the South in the fall. It truly is stunning.

The other evening I went for a run in the neighborhoods surrounding campus. I could not help but notice how different the scenery looked, and just how varied each tree and plant seemed to be. I had to stop a couple of times to snag the photos below of those two trees specifically.


The reason I was so struck by these two in particular was the way in which they were progressing in their change. They were in degrees of change, at different areas of their tree life. It was stunning to behold because I don’t think we, as people, take the beauty of change into account.

I think we look at either the whole entire tree of change, or see nothing at all. The degrees of change in both of those trees above was fascinating to capture.

I have felt that way alot recently, as I see marked changes in some areas of my life, but struggle with realizing it fully for the stunning picture it is depicting. I focus too much on the overall that I miss the top or underneath having change, because I am focused on the larger picture. Minute changes and adaptations are just as significant.

and just as beautiful…

Fall is a time to remind us of the change we experience throughout our year. I firmly believe it’s God’s way of reminding us of the beauty in change, in some things dying off in order to bring about newness in our lives in another season. It marks a time for us to be grateful for change while remembering the beauty it’s brought us throughout the year.

While change may not be dominating your life, glimpses of it are still worthy of our awe. After all, we are thankful for the beauty it brings even in the trees.

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