Day 31-The Final Hurrah

I started this project not 30 days ago, but in my heart months and even a year ago. While it hasn’t been as mapped out as I wanted it to be, I also know and trust it was as it should be. I was asked in relation to the photo I used on the first day and I wanted to wait until today to share about that to wrap up the 31 Days of #wifematerial.


You see that was my fifth grade school photo. That is a photo I have dwelt on and in for many years. I was that fifth grade girl, incredibly insecure about every bit of her life, scared to see what the next step was because she had just gotten this one she was in managed. She didn’t like to be challenged, she loved the color orange, but her hair and her weight made her awkward in the height of her puberty.

That fifth grade me I have carried for a large majority of my life inside of this heart. She got a glimpse of what it meant to be a woman and wife material. I look back now, not to dwell on this but to see that while much has changed since the early 90s, that young girl still dwells deep within, very unsure about things and terrified of failing at it all.

It is the heart of wife material…challenging those fears of the unknown to be who you were meant to be, as a woman, not just wife material. I am extremely grateful that I am still learning what that means and will continue to do so throughout life. Wife material isn’t a 31 day fix to get you married. It’s a calling on our hearts to be Christ material first. But it is wanting more, desiring better for yourself in this life, seeking to run hard towards Christ’s leading and being abundantly blessed (and surprised!) when there is someone running alongside you when you take a rest to look around.

It is leaning in, loving hard, trying not to dwell in the failures and miscues, but focusing on the opportunity to pursue something far greater than marriage. Contentment in Him.

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