Day 28-A Running Wife

I have taken up running once again recently. It’s something I literally hate doing, but I know and cling to the “after-run” feeling. Last week I was having some issues again with my Sciatic nerve and then debilitating migraines on top of that. It was not the best week for me physically, so Sunday I made myself go run. On mile 2.5 I wanted to quit. My chest hurt and it was unnaturally warm for an October afternoon in the South. But I pushed on, because I knew the feeling that awaited me at the end.

That I had challenged my body to push beyond this moment and keep going to complete what I set out to do.

“Run hard towards God. Every once and while, take a look around and see who is running just as focused as you are. That would be the man to consider.”

I heard those words last week and I keep coming back to them. What makes wife material, as I have continued to stand firm on, is not what you wear or how you act around certain men in order to gain their attention. Wife Material is Christ Material. When you are running hard towards Christ, firmly focused on Him you will find along the way there are others running with you, just as hard and just as focused.

I have found those to be some amazing women of God as of late. He has firmly placed us in this race together, keeping our eyes on the prize for the calling of eternity, not for the short term.

Yeah, it may suck running the race alone now…we aren’t really ever running alone. He’s right there with us, setting the pace and challenging us to go just a mile more. To accomplish what we (He and I) set out together to do way back in 1999. We’re just on the second leg of the run, where it gets really good.

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