Day 24-Clothing Yourself

Some mornings I just stand in my closet, hoping that the clothes I should wear that day would just jump out and march themselves to be ironed. (yes I iron my clothes…it’s a gift really) What we wear as women is such a touchy topic as the world seems to comment on it. Even we, as women, do it to one another.


I have a strict belief that after a certain age you shouldn’t wear white tights (that age is nine years old). I also have many other no-nos that I could launch into on how a woman dresses herself, but I’ll keep those as conversations with my sister.


We have a routine though when we dress, right? I know my routine is different than my sister’s or my mom’s. I know it’s different than some of my girlfriends, as we have traveled together. It becomes an afterthought at a certain point, and we find that this is just how we prepare to leave our home, to head into the world, and our day.

One thing over the last year I have been reminded of is the need to clothe myself with things I had left bare. I find myself dwelling on Proverbs 31:25 where our woman of valor that is celebrated by another woman as she encourages her son to find a woman such as this is dressing herself. She finds that her clothing is not made of fine silk and linen, she isn’t covered in gold and silver. Know what she puts on, and remains in, is strength and honor.

She is strong in mind. Girding her mind for the day, for any situation she may face. She puts on this strength, not in a fake or presumptuous way…no, she has build this strength over time, through the transforming of her mind and body. She has strength in resolution, having courage to face each day. This strength doesn’t come from a “pulling up the bootstraps” mentality but one that is found in the strength and hope of Christ.

She puts on honor. This is of a righteous nature. She is setting herself apart in with putting on honor daily. Knowing that there will be the time which her honor will be tested, and she remains steadfast in it’s completeness. Your dignity is easily compromised when you become routine in it’s care. Much like when you get into a routine of washing your clothes, the cleansing can fade the brightness of the material, and such honor can fade if we are not careful in how we tend to it.

Her strength and honor serve as her protection, what wraps around her and encompasses her life. It should be worn, just as our physical clothing, as adornment but serving as a function of our lives as well. We wouldn’t put on a ball gown to go to work (maybe some of you do, though) and we wouldn’t wear pajama pants outside of the house (again, some of you might do that, but let’s not, okay?). Each morning as you dress, realize you too have the ability to clothe yourselves in these garments of strength and dignity. Even when you don’t feel strong. Even when your dignity is fading.

After all, it’s not you who made them but the ultimate weaver and designer, God Himself. He longs for you to strut yourself on the catwalk wearing strength and dignity in every season’s show.

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