Day 23-Worthy Wife

I am a thrifty shopper. I hit up garage sales, Goodwill and thrift stores. Why?


Because you can find some great things to refurbish or craft from. You can also find some steals there because often they mark it to sell, not based upon it’s worth.

I watched once as a woman haggled with a clerk in a thrift store over a three dollar bowl. It makes me laugh even now because it was three dollars y’all. THREE. She knew it was worth more than that, but she wasn’t willing to pay it. She wanted it reduced down so that she could pay as little as possible for something she knew truly was worth so much more.

As women, we must know our worth. We must decide now to know what that is and be unwavering in it. We’ve already been told we are worth the world. We are worth the life of Christ, as He freely gave it up for us…because you were worth every bit of it.

Set your standards as a woman, and don’t let someone try to talk you out of your worth. Because they will.

Trust me, I have had that happen and struggled with repricing it in the midst of the relationship. You are worthy of being treated well, of him praying over you and for you. You are worthy of respect and encouragement as well as support.

Your worth will be discussed among people, they may diminish it, but that is only if you waver in it. If you entangle in bartering your worth in order to be in a relationship or married, you will be giving away part of yourself that you ultimately will not be able to gain back.

Just as Boaz commented on Ruth’s worth, that the entire town knew it…so allow others to comment on the standards you have set on your worth, and take no less.

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