Day 17-Friday Funday

We’ve been wading into some pretty weighty stuff here over the last sixteen days about what it means to be #wifematerial and how ultimately it’s about becoming the best Godmaterial instead.

Today I wanted to take a break and focus in on some fun stuff. We all know you have to be able to cook, clean and manage a home in order to land a man, right? (I joke, but go with me here.)

With that in mind, I wanted to share a really quick and easy thing to help you ladies in the kitchen.

Buy a slow cooker, aka a Crock Pot.

This magical machine will do all the work for you. Set it and FORGET IT! as the commercials on tv will yell at you. Usually I pull mine out sparingly over the summer months, but once a nip in the air is felt, that sucker resides on my counter. Last Spring mine broke, and what did the Easter bunny leave me, but a brand-spankin’ new one! Complete with digital timer, program modes, AND it was several quarts larger.


Here’s the thing about Crock Pots…you have to leave the stuff alone. You have to let it simmer and do it’s thing, raising the heat, bringing all the ingredients together, and cooking it over a long process. The same holds true with #wifematerial. What I have been writing and sharing with you here, well it’s not going to be accomplished in 31 days, maybe not in 31 weeks or 31 months. It’s all a process, in turning up the heat on your life to bring things together for the final good.

For those of you who have cooked in a slow cooker, you know after a few hours your home smells of the delicious aroma of whatever it is you are making. Imagine the sweet smell of your life as you continue to become #wifematerial…that aroma not only is pleasing to others, it is to the Lord, who has been awaiting it for what are hours to Him.


And go buy a Crock Pot. Come back here and thank me for it later!

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