Day 15-Now and Later

Marriage isn’t about growing old together more than being young together.

Gary Thomas, The Sacred Search

I think so often when we are single or even in dating or engagements we try too hard to look forty years down the road instead of at the present. What you are choosing now impacts that future you, and your future marriage.

Last night I sat in a room full of women as we set out to study Biblical marriage and submission over the next six weeks. (Yes, I signed up for this) In my group, I am the lone single woman. Other times that would have made me uncomfortable or feeling in the spotlight. Not this time.


Because I am choosing now to work on things before I commit to marriage. I am choosing to be young now, fill my time with decisions and experiences and learning which will impact my marriage whether that is five years or thirty years down the road (can we go with the five please Lord?)

I don’t want to wait to work on areas in my own self until I am in the bonds of a marriage. I want to grow now to be the woman God has meant for the man He is preparing now as well. We become so future focused that we fail to enjoy the now. We think, “when I get to that point I’ll do that” when in reality if we aren’t doing it now, we more than likely won’t be doing it then.

Why not do the things now you would love to do with your future husband so that you two can enjoy being young together as you grow old together? Don’t take your time of preparation and foundation laying for granted, as I have done in the past. We must avert our focus from obtaining a man for now in order to be the woman of His tomorrow.

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