Day 14-Pursuit

Confession time. I am sucker for a cheesy Hallmark movie. A couple of my friends know this about me, and I look forward to a particular one each Christmas. I am willing to admit that.

But why? Why are we so drawn to Nicholas Sparks’ books, the Hallmark channel and even 50 Shades of Grey?

It has something, at least I believe, to do with pursuit. We see it play out over and over in these fiction tales. A woman ends up being pursued by a man, whom she has stumbled upon in her circumstances. He either rescues her or she is able to help him. But there is always a pursuit by a man for the woman.

In that we find a connecting point with our own lives. We long to be pursued, for someone to take that much interest in us to intentionally pursue us. We long for that romance, to be loved in that way. To know you are in the thoughts of this man.

Even us independent women…that one gets us.

What if we already had that though? What if there was someone who was pursuing you with dogged effort? We do ladies. He knows our heart and our mind, and thinks we are lovely. For the longest time I thought that God as the pursuer of my heart was rather cheesy, or even required. Now I see it as a passionate pursuit of the ultimate love story. That given all I have done, all I am and will ever be (because He knows that) He continues to pursue after me, He continues to love me with a fiery love that no one, not even a husband, could compare to.

He knows exactly what will woo me. He shows me beauty untold and makes me lose my breath when He reveals it in a small way, only to me. He whispers in the morning and in the evening, and fills me with such joy untold that it’s hard to put words to even now.

He’s also there in the suffering-not just waiting on the other side of it for me to get through. No, He wades into the muck with me…knowing that I will lean on Him more then than ever before. That’s how deeply He loves. And when it feels like He isn’t there, that He has grown quiet or uncaring? It’s a simple reminder of the times when I felt Him pursuing me hotly and not allowing other things, other people, to take His place. Its choosing how to handle my heart differently, knowing He has pursued me like none other and will continue to do so. Running out to greet me with a crown and robe, a feast at the table as I return to Him again and again.

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
    therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.

Jeremiah 31:3(b)

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