Day 8-Wife Calling?

My highest calling is not to be married. No, it is to be a woman of God. Within that framework, many of us are called into being a help-meet, a mother, a friend, a counselor, a missionary or a leader.

I keep going back to Proverbs 31:10-30, so forgive me the redundancy. I dwell on this woman of valor-as Rachel Held Evans calls her. It is about her, not what is in relation to a husband, not how she is defined ultimately by her marital status or even how many children she has. Scripture celebrates her as a woman and a follower of God.

We are all called to be many things throughout our lives. God calls us to places, to positions and to people. For me, it has become a focus on who God is calling me to be, and allowing Him to move me into what that looks like for me. I have to be receptive to that calling, while also adapting and growing into it.

I forget in the daily life that I am called to be an image bearer of Him when my heart starts yearning to be a spouse. When I start doubting or questioning God’s timing in a relationship, or lack thereof. I get sideswiped with longing to be in a marriage relationship and encourage my husband.

Sometimes I then remember I can do that now. I can encourage, support and love on those around me. I get that gift in the now as a part of my calling to the place and person I am right now. That’s not something I have to wait to discover and do when I am married. In fact, if I am not working on it now what makes me think it will magically bestow itself on me once I am in a marriage?

In the right now, in the very present, my calling is to become wife material. That wife material means obedience in the calling set before me already. That is a calling to be Christ material first, with a byproduct being establishing the pattern for the material of being a wife.

2 thoughts on “Day 8-Wife Calling?

  1. Excellent post! A good woman, one who follows and obeys God with all her might, IS wife material. It’s worth preparing ahead of time to be the kind of person who it would be good to be married to, but that’s not the end-all of life.

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