Day 7-Seeking Aright

When I was younger, I would spend summer days with my Mamaw. My dad would drop me off down at her house for a fun-filled day of exploring and learning. I distinctly remember one day digging through her sewing materials for a pattern to work on with her. It’s probably one of my fondest memories of her-sitting with me as I scrounged, seeking out the very best thing to make for myself with my newly obtained skill.

Many times in working on becoming wife material, we seek out those things which are deceptively good. Things we believe truly to be good, and wonderful, things which we bring us to a place of growth and wisdom. Ultimately they are mere distractions, put upon us not to aid in our being knit together but rather to deter us from our focus at hand.

We find things to keep us “busy” but not doing, spinning our wheels rather than advancing much on the path in the journey. When we are seeking to be wife material, it means we are, at the forefront, seeking God in all things. Not out of a need for perfection but out of a sincere heart for Him. It isn’t about the other stuff, it’s about Him and our focus upon Him fully.

It’s not about seeking to get married, seeking to find a mate, seeking to receive anything. It’s about seeking Him. He calls out for our whole heart, not just a sliver. The entire thing.

For me, I think seeking after God instead of pursuing a relationship with a man can be the absolute best way to find what I am looking for. For my true treasure, the desires of my heart, well…they are found in Him not in anything or any one else.

So while I continue to dig for the perfect piece in which to knit into my wife material, I have the thread and pattern with which to begin pursuing a masterpiece of a lifetime with Him.

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart.-Jeremiah 29:13

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