Day 6-Happiness and Obedience

Today I wanted to take a moment and share a quote from one of the best books I have read in the past ten years. Over the course of the last few years I have been ever-more focused on singleness, dating relationships and marriage. In doing so, I have read more and more on those areas with fervor and discernment.

There are some great resources out there for you, regardless of marital status as to what those roles look like. There are also some truly terrible ones.

I would encourage you, as a part of becoming wife material, to explore reading on the facets of marriage that are formed in a biblical structure. God created and ordained marriage so that it would honor Him and bring Him glory. Why not go to resources that will illuminate that pathway for you?

“If we try to put our own happiness ahead of obedience to God, we violate our own nature and become, ultimately, miserable.”

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

In order to explore wife material, I must examine where my obedience is to God. My ultimate goal in life is not to obtain a man or beat another woman out to be married. No. It is to be woven with the strong thread of Christ throughout that the fabric of being a wife in ingrained into the material.

Happiness is fleeting. It is temporal and based upon circumstance. Obedience is commanded and leads to joy and contentment that outlasts a moment.

I’d love to share resources of books you have read that have influenced how you view marriage, singleness and/or dating relationships. Feel free to share below. One lucky commenter will win a copy of Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage” at the end of the 31 Days!

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