Day 5-A Praying Wife

Where is he already? Why haven’t You sent him by now? How much longer will I be single?

Those are all valid questions single women have asked or prayed. Some in sincerity, others in frustration, many in losing hope and faith in an unfulfilled goal. I asked a couple of friends about how they prayed for their future husband-some single, others engaged and a few marrieds. I even asked my own self this because I truly believe my future husband is preparing himself as well, and needing prayer just as I do daily.

Many revealed that their prayers, much like mine had been for several years, were self-focused. It was a heart’s cry for God to come and fill a need of longing. A friend who was recently married shared that she was very seldom focused on God preparing her spouse in prayer, but rather they seemed to be more “me” centered.

It was humbling to read her words a newlywed. Why?

Because it made me realize how often my flesh pursued prayer instead of my heart. I was praying prayers God would not answer because they were self-centered. I wasn’t focused on how He was working in my future husband’s life. Instead I was solely transfixed on my immediate desires and time table. I wasn’t growing or learning what God had in store for me, or for him.

A big thread in making each one of us into wife material is a focus on others, not ourselves. A life poured into others is a life not focused on selfish wants. For a while, my thoughts have been “me” centered when it comes to praying for my future husband. Over the last two years I have seen that move into how I can be praying for him and what God is doing in his life.  As a believer, regardless of my marital status, I desire above all else for God to be at work through me in others’ lives.  One way that can happen is through prayer.

So over the course of these next 26 days left in wife material, how can you as a single woman (or even an engaged or married woman) be praying for your husband? As a single, I am praying for his purity, his discernment in relationships, his relationship with God, how he is growing in wisdom and strength, that he would be continuing to value respect in response to women, that he would be a light in his work and job, how he leads his own home, that his heart and mind would be guarded, and he would be serving others with the same heart he is pursuing me.

After all, he needs me praying for him now more than ever. He needs the thread to be woven into my wife material now to be a consistent prayer warrior for him and in his life.

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