Day 3-Influencing

I have some amazing role models and mentors in my life. I put alot of emphasis on ensuring I have women who exemplify Godly leadership, marriage, friendships and professionalism. They include my mom, sister, two very dear friends from many moons ago, my colleague Hanna and my former Sunday School teacher from when I was growing up. I know I can reach out to them, talk with them, and also see evidence of their influence all around. They are the beauty of God at work in my life as well.

There comes a point though, where you have to craft your own life, not attempting to make a carbon copy of someone else’s. Why would you want that anyways? You are uniquely you for a reason.

It means your story is also uniquely yours-given to you by God to live out and tell in a very specific way. God has plans for your story, lived through you.

While it is imperative to have foundations set of women, Godly women, to go in times of doubt, question and joy, I must also turn and be the same for others. I will have to navigate my own story, in my own way through God’s guidance, and it will be mine. There is a time to stop looking for the light, and instead be the light for others.



Maybe that’s today for you. Maybe you’ve been living someone else’s story for far too long, looking to others for help and guidance when God is calling you to rise and meet the day with your story and His strength. Lean into the women you have around you, but also know you are strong enough to be the pillar of strength and a light for others who may be looking to you.

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