Day 1-Explaining the Meaning

So what is #WifeMaterial?

That’s probably what many of you are asking that have ventured over to my site. Or maybe you’re a regular reader and wonder what the heck I am talking about now. Check out the intro page to see why I’ll be blogging on this topic all month long.

The whole hashtag started out as a simple joke on my Instagram account when I would capture what I had made in the kitchen or crafted. Yeah I do both, winner winner make ’em a chicken dinner. Then I started really wondering what that was. What was wife material? Who decided it? What did we, as single women, desire to obtain to be wife material?

So very broad thoughts, yet very specific right? Very personal and individualized, yet applicable to so many. It meant alot of excavating my own self as I began to explore the topic, with other women who were single, engaged and married. It also meant really delving into the fray with my guy friends willing to share-both single and married.

While I am still exploring questions with willing friends, I also knew I needed to dive in and share this topic.

So here we are. 31 Days of #WifeMaterial and added content for the forthcoming book of the same name. Some times you’ll see written posts from me, other times I will share resources, pose some questions, add some fun crafts, recipes, quick fixes, and hopefully inspirations that have impacted me. Maybe you’ll even hear from a guy friend or two.

I’d love to hear your feedback, sometimes we’ll get serious other times we’ll joke around at the preposterous nature of #WifeMaterial. I want to encourage you that my goal here is to open the conversation about what we are going through as singles, engageds, and marrieds alike.

Pull up a comfy seat, a mug of your favorite beverage, and let’s talk about #WifeMaterial.

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