31 Days of #WifeMaterial

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This is my second year of participating in the 31 Day Challenge with The Nester. You can read about last year’s topic and see all the posts here. I am excited and terrified of this one though because of the topic I chose. I am delving into something which is dear to my heart and what I have felt a call to write on for years, but very specifically for the last six months.

We’ll dig deeper into this as we begin but here’s where I began the process of thinking on this topic…

What makes a woman “wife material” to a man?

It is something I have been pondering for a while. I see it differently for every guy out there. Ask them and they will confirm it. However I have seen some common denominators. While some may be thinking this is how to become wife material through this blog, that’s not the case. It is more about growth than anything else. Being the woman you are called to be in God, and being a part of the bride of Christ.

So this is the landing spot for all 31 posts this month. I’ll be adding to this list if you want to bookmark it, or come by each day for the new post that will be first on the home page.

Day 1-Explaining the Meaning

Day 2-By Now

Day 3-Influencing

Day 4-A Virtuous Wife

Day 5-A Praying Wife

Day 6-Happiness and Obedience

Day 7-Seeking Aright

Day 8-Wife Calling?

Day 9-A Trusting Wife

Day 10-Purity

Day 11-Flawed and Loved

Day 12-A Truthful Woman

Day 13-Vulnerability

Day 14-Pursuit

Day 15-Now and Later

Day 16-Your Story

Day 17-Friday Funday

Day 18-The Relational Idols

Day 19-Doubting Ways

Day 20-Significance

Day 21-Buy the Book

Day 22-Death and Life

Day 23-Worthy Wife

Day 24-Clothing Yourself

Day 25-Broken Parts

Day 26-Prep Work

Day 27-An Encouraging Wife

Day 28-A Running Wife

Day 29-A Unique Wife

Day 30-Sharing

Day 31-The Final Hurrah

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