Uncertainty in Difficulty

How much do we like to revel in defeat? Don’t we often return to God shouting, “Why would you let this (or that) happen?!” We will point to a time in the past when it was good, when we had it so much better then or there.

We choose to have selective memories then, in our defeat, don’t we? We choose to say that was the very best and we should have remained there or then or with that person. For us, the certainty of the past is often preferable to the difficulties of the present and the uncertainty of the future.

How quickly we forget the problems or issues associated with a past relationship or job or living situation. Instead we only see the good. Instead we focus on the better times, putting a gloss on the struggles, the heartache and the pain. We cast aside even the very presence of God with us in those moments, which reminds us we are in His will, learning and growing, being sharpened and tested by fire.

We faced that past situation or circumstance together with Him, knowing it would bring Him glory and bring us peace beyond understanding.

Instead of looking to the past with such fondness, we have to lay hold of the present, knowing Who it is that walks with us. He guides and fights for us, as we stay obedient to His truth in the midst, seeking His face in all things, understanding it is not by our means but by His. We must cling to hope in the future, that expectation of what is to come. While it remains uncertain, He knows. He always has.

He has promised.

He is faithful.

That is what we can be certain of in times of uncertainty.

2 thoughts on “Uncertainty in Difficulty

  1. Great post! Good stuff.

    Ah…selective memory/amnesia, yes. It works the other way as well. There is likely far more remembering (and far less learning) involved in living for Christ than we like to admit.

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