These Hallelujahs Be Multiplied

I make no secret about how much I am a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE. One glance at my albums on Facebook or the wall in my living room will attest to that. I counted on Saturday night as we waited in line to get into the Woods at Fontanel for their show and I realized it was my 8th show.

I just need to share this morning the beauty that was Saturday evening’s performance. For those who were there, I think you would agree. They have had a rough last year as a band and a family. Part of me can understand as over the last 12 months I have found it to be the hardest time for myself. Sometimes journeys need to be taken in order to bring about beauty. For we don’t seem to acknowledge the amazing when we don’t experience the truly terrible.

Rivers in the Wasteland is such a call to my heart in so many ways. I am forever grateful for those men of the band writing each song, even through the difficult circumstances that had to bring them there. In the crafting of their words, I find myself. I find the call from God in so many ways. It’s funny how He will use means only we can notice some times. Special nudges or instances that I know are from Him and Him alone. This album continuously reminds me of that. Of His whispers of love, calls to return, and the hope of a new day.

There I stood on Saturday night, in the middle of a field, watching this band that has impacted my life in such profound ways play the songs which speak of their struggle and return as well. Understanding the year that was in such a different way, in finally seeing that God needed to get a message through to me in the mess in order for me to let go of long held anger and beliefs not founded in Him. To let so much joy and love flow out. It was the capstone of reminders and smiles from God that I had felt throughout the week-even in the roughness that was the week prior, the year prior.

This song, which I have shared before, I felt something release when they sang it. I was surprised, honestly, that they performed it but I am ever so thankful they did. It was glorious. For me, I think that’s a glimpse of heaven we all got to share on Saturday night. Maybe you need to let go. To rejoice in them that do rejoice. Maybe you need to be reminded of His love and how it fills us beyond all things. I know for me, He pursues me with a relentless love I can no longer ignore in my daily life. One that overflows and bursts through in hallelujahs.

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