In Pursuit

A while back I sat and watched a colleague’s little girl get chased around by another male colleague. They were having a grand ol’ time and laughing. There came a point, as I watched, that he would get tired and sit down. The little girl would get a twinkle in her eye, run just far enough off, and attempt to jump off the seating about three feet down, to see if he would come running to grab her first.

That image came to mind this morning as I thought about this phrase:

He pursues us still.

No matter how many times we run just out of His reach. No matter how many times we get to the edge, look back daring Him, He comes after us. He never tires, because that’s not in His character.

Why are we surprised then when He’s there? When He’s pursuing us with this love that is not forced but that envelops? He won’t force us, that’s not what Love is. Love encompasses and fills, it pours out and seeps in. It gives freedom to choose. The choice to continue to flee-knowing He will come after us- and the choice to be pursued while fully in His Presence.

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