Lunch Dessert

My nephews are the best kids in the entire world. I say that without any bias whatsoever, right? They consistently make me realize it’s the small things, it’s the honesty and forthrightness, and it’s also about finding contentment with them. One thing I watch them do pretty often when I am around is ask for a treat or dessert after a meal. There for a while it had gotten to be called “lunch dessert” with them as it was getting to be a routine.

I would laugh at this because, especially at dinner,  they would bemoan they were full to their max, utterly content with their dinner and two minutes later ask for dessert.

I laugh until I realize it’s the same thing we do in our lives. We anticipate and look towards the set time when something will fill us, only to realize that moments after we are still longing for it once more. That it is temporary. Matt Chandler has a great way of expressing this in his Recovering Redemption series and book. He says we look for the cheap joys in the dollar toy section instead of the lasting, eternal joys found in God. We exchange that around and settle for the off-brand when the Name brand is offered and waiting for us to pick up and indulge in it.

I think there’s a level of fear in that choosing of God for our joy and contentment. The fear that it’ll go away, because that’s all we’ve known, the temporary and habitual failing of looking to anything else for pure joy.

Too, for those who seek the pure joy found in God I think we also worry that it’s not okay for us to be content in it and still long for more. That is where we have to be careful in ensuring our longing is for more of Him, and not the longing of the old, temporary, cheap stuff. For we when we place our expectation, hope, faith and trust in the joy found completely and only in God we don’t need permission to long for more of Him. That is where He tells us He gives us the desires of our heart…a heart that longs for more of Him. More of His goodness. More of His grace. Exponentially more of His love and mercy. Our delight, the pure delight of Him, will be in all that He is and what He says to us.

There we will sit, having just feasted on the joy found in Him, content in His fullness and love and still be asking for lunch dessert, to which He freely gives.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 (ESV)

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