It’s All Good.

I have been having a similar conversation over and over again the last week or so with various people, from students to staff to friends to family. I like to see how God weaves a unifying thread throughout life and He is most certainly doing that at present.

An interesting piece of that is when we stop and consider it. We step back from what this theme of life is right now to see what the real message is for us. For me. Because, after all, I am also the common thread in the situations. Here’s what He keeps saying over and over again in my life (and through various situations):


Just because it’s not how you envisioned it would be does not mean it is not still good.

Talk about a two by four several times over to the face.

But it’s the truth, right?

We, and by we I mean me too, like to lay out visions and plan for months and years down the road. While that is not inherently bad, I think we put too much stock in those plans and play the comparison game. We like to take our vision and compare it to reality. That reality may be our own, someone we know’s reality, or someone we don’t know’s.

But what we have a hard time doing is casting a vision with God.

We have a hard time letting Him in the planning or seeing Him in the work. Instead we question Him when it’s hard. We shake our fists and shout we cannot do it. All the while He says, “I know, that’s why I am here.” We are weak yet we find we know better than the all powerful, all-knowing God about our lives. When He knew long before He created us that we would be in this moment, knowing we needed only to turn to Him and lay down our vision before Him.

He knew we were capable of withstanding the trial, if we but turn to Him right by our side. He knows we are able to bring about good, if we but lay our agenda down and embrace His plans. He knows. He has for a very, very long time. Just because it’s not exactly how I planned it out, doesn’t mean He won’t get the glory for it. It doesn’t mean it’s not still good.

I keep going back to the story of Joseph on this. His life wasn’t how he planned it I am sure. Over and over again we see that happening in his life. From his dream to his brothers, from the pit, to royalty and into prison. He continuously was faced with challenges that I can say were not in his vision casting. Yet he carried this thought with him, knowing Who was at his side.

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” Genesis 50:20 (NKJV)

One thought on “It’s All Good.

  1. Yes! A thousand times yes.

    Reminds me of an email I received yesterday from a friend. It read, in part…

    “I thought my life was going to be completely different.
    Many of my dreams were selfish. Many were legitimate.
    They were not to be.

    Now, it’s time to embrace His plan as my dream.”

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