Procrastination Station

It is amazing what we will do in order to avoid the difficult. To avoid addressing a hard moment or situation. For me, I am currently avoiding writing a very difficult post. I have talked about writing it, quite a bit actually with a friend. I did it in the hopes he would tell me it was okay not to write it, that if I didn’t want to put words out there then I didn’t have to now.

We run all around looking for distractions or appeasement in dealing with something we find a little harder to confront. We find cleaning that should have been done or files that need to be updated or even texts to send to people we haven’t spoken to in months. I find my best cooking and baking come when I am looking to avoid the hard.

The same holds true in my faith. I will run to every other outlet or option before I run to God to deal with the difficult. I think I can figure it out or it will miraculously go away if I seek my own means instead of seeking Him. But deep down I know that the moment I pause and turn it over to Him, the hardness dissipates. It also means I have to repeatedly take it back to the altar and leave it there. But I know the moment I acknowledge His sovereignty and my finiteness, I understand the situation isn’t as difficult to address…the sin isn’t bigger than me…my thinking isn’t as bleak as His goodness.

So maybe I stop getting off the train in procrastination station but instead ride onto the final stop, where He awaits with promise and healing.

Now to stop holding off on that post and get down to it…IMG_3778.JPG

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