Life is Messy.

I love to paint. It is something I deeply enjoy and get lost in pretty easily. Am I good at it? Eh, not really. But I also don’t put the restraint of perfection and finished on anything I paint. When I bought my very first home back in June, I knew I wanted to paint the living room a different shade than it was at purchase. Painting a room required tedious attention to detail. Something I was not enjoying as much because I am used to the mess of painting…to broad strokes and flow.

I realized I take a view of life from the perspective of painting a room. That it has to be tedious and meticulous. Intense focus on every square inch to control the outcome. Instead I am realizing time and again that it’s more like the painting on a canvas for me…or that it should be. That I would be covered in various swipes and dots of paint. That it would bleed over the edges, and that it would most definitely not look like what I had envisioned when I started.

Because you know what the secret to this life is?

It is messy.

Yep. It is messy. It gets dirty. It goes off the edges and never looks like what we imagine it to be.

Something we don’t often embrace though is that it is okay to be messy. I’ll say it again in case you missed it.


We try so hard to control, to manage to finagle life into a neat package, just as we want it. Shockingly it is never how we want it to look. Because we are humans. With faults. With feelings. With fears. With intentions. With assumptions.

We (and I include myself in that) have to stop believing (and then attempting) to make it perfection with no mess, no fuss, no tension. Perfection is a myth that we have turned into a standard. It won’t be seen this side of heaven, and I am thankful for that. It allows me to see grace and mercy, and to show it to others as well.

When we step back, look at our hands covered in paint, it’s a beautiful masterpiece. It’s a message that could only have come through the mess. Embrace the messy today.  There’s a masterpiece and a message waiting to be discovered in it.

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