In Memorial

Today I want to pause from talking about singleness, life and relationships to remember. After all that is what Memorial Day is about…remembering those who have fallen in service to our country. I am so very grateful to all who serve in our Armed Forces. I come from a family of veterans, and am thankful for all who have protected and fought for my freedom.

We neglect our veterans in this country alot of times, through how we care and provide for them and their families. However I see we are a grateful nation any time I am with my dad, a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet, and people stop him and say thank you or fellow Vets give the knowing nod.

We all know someone who has served, or is serving currently. Take time to remember those who fell for the freedom we have today, the freedom we had yesterday to go to church without fear of bullets or persecution, the freedom we have today to post up blogs and talk about life. I know I take it for granted often. I pray today I will not, and that I carry that along with me every day.

Thank you veterans…

Thank you active duty…

Thank you to the fallen…

Thank you to the families of anyone serving…


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