Unguarded Heart

A few years back I wrote on guarding your heart. I talked about how I was in many ways a guarded person. Over the span of the years since then, God has done some amazing work in me to tear down many of the walls I had built. For those who knew me before, knew I was much more abrasive and off-putting when it came to my heart and what I allowed in. Many of us can attest to the histories we have had that formed those walls and those guarded lives.

Recently this verse came bounding back into my head over the series of events that were occurring. None were related to one another, yet it kept flashing across my mind “guard your heart.” I thought for a moment I might be having deja vu in some regard.

That’s when I realized…I had gone to the other extreme in my life. Where I opened up my heart too much to others, and it allowed my perspective and my purpose to get skewed…to get distracted even. I had flung open the doors and invited every situation and person into it, thus taking everything to heart and being in a constant state of doubt, fear, and hurt.

So the last couple of days I have been pausing to reflect on the verses that tell us to guard our hearts. While verse seven mentions it, verse 23 is where God was leading me to dwell. You see it’s from the perspective of a father caring for a child, giving advice in order to see the child grow and love.  In the New Living Translation, it states that the heart determines the course of your life.

It guides your relationships, through romantic and familial, working and friendships all. It casts a light or throws you into darkness. It can set you on a firm path or out into a drifting sea. It can cling to Christ or to it’s own flesh. It can be a builder or a destroyer.

I am realizing that much of that falls within my responsibility to care for it and not allow it to be so on display, so involved that I begin to lose sight of the purpose of the heart. That I put too much stock in what others say instead of what God says about me. When I take a comment as a jab at the heart instead of what it was meant for, just a comment.

Do I need to erect walls again? No. But I do need to take care to allow passage of things into the gate of my heart while keeping other things out. My heart looks a little more like Buckingham Palace these days. With a gate you can see into the area, but not fully into the depths, guarded by genteel spirits who holds fast to their station…letting the mockers remain at a close distance and not dictating the affairs within.

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