Why I Love Nashville…

We all know I love this town I call home.

But no, I am referring to the show in this post. So you can exit now if you’re not into awesome television. Go on…those of us who enjoy a good show that has some fantastic songs throughout will wait…

Over the course of it’s two seasons, I have had the privilege, nay exuberant joy, of being a part of a taping or two. That’s the thing about the show. They embrace the town they film in. They give back to the city that loves it. We are a snobbish sort here in Nashville. We cannot help it. We are artists, creators, writers, and musicians…we can be picky and we darn well will let you know that too.

We don’t welcome in the elitist. We like the workers. We love the get in the dirt attitude of a survivor. The ones who aren’t satisfied with complete. We champion those who don’t give up after the first go round of being let down.

Maybe that’s why we love Nashville. Why we as a town have embraced the filming. The shake ups of closed streets or using of our workspaces so they can show off this city that has come to love it right back. I also know we love it because it’s a fighter. It won’t go down quietly and that’s part of who we are in Nashville. We fight for our work. For what we believe in. And we believe in this show.

We also believe in the creatives who use this medium to share their work. Maybe it’s because they are so darn personable. Maybe it’s because we see some of ourselves in them. The every day person who is striving hard to succeed, to get to the next step in this town, and we band together in solidarity just from a look.

I can only speak from my perspective, yet it seems this city loves this show. I know I do. Because it’s stars? Well they don’t act much like the star power they carry. I have cheered on a university’s basketball team alongside Lennon and Maisy Stella, and Charles Esten. I have walked past Kimberly Williams Paisley while she was “on-set” at my work, having lunch with the extras. Sam Palladio hangs out at a local coffee shop and is complimentary of students I work with from their interactions with him. Heck, even Broadway star Will Chase high fived me from the stage during a taping at the Ryman the other night, just because I tweeted a joking post at him.

That’s why I love this show…because they reflect this town.

And why you should fall in love with this show too.

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