The Return to Writing.

I took six weeks off. Just completely off from writing. I checked out of my monthly gig with Single Roots. I shut my blog down. You know what…

I am not sorry about it either.

Well I am sorry about Single Roots writing, cause I sort of, kind of, totally disappeared on my amazing editor Jessica without so much as an adios!

But not writing for six weeks was truly amazing. I wasn’t having to push myself to post. To perform. To get content up here.

Then I started noticing I had words spilling out. I had jotted ideas down anywhere I could find paper. It felt freeing to step away from something I had been pursuing so hard on, hustling out posts and chapters on a book. To just break it off and not think on it.

Honestly I wasn’t sure if I would come back to it. But I wanted to come back to it on my terms. Where it wouldn’t be me trying to get something out of every little thing. Instead I want to enjoy and find it a gift when inspiration strikes.

I think too often we try to look for something in everything, when many times that’s not what it’s not meant for in our lives. A moment can just be a moment, without context or hidden meaning. It’s a breath of fresh air without looking for the sigh or gasp. It’s joy, to just be joy. Nothing else.

Maybe you need that too. To just enjoy the moment. Stop looking for other things and be in this exact time. Be present. Don’t look for the next thing to jump to, the next person who you can connect with. Be in the here. Be in the now.

You won’t get it again.

I have what remains of life to write. To write on experiences, on thoughts, on inspirations and circumstances. I won’t get this moment again. So this morning I enjoyed the sunrise, and this evening I took in the sunset with eyes open to enjoying. For being a sunrise. For being a sunset. Thankful that I was present for both.

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