Singling Out Saturday 2.15

“A woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase Him to find her.”-CS Lewis

It’s the Saturday following Valentine’s Day. Many probably woke up thankful the day was over. Thankful to have that reminder of their singleness not be thrown in their face. I believe often in singleness (and too in relationships) we lose sight of what it is to be pursued.

I don’t mean by another person, but by God.

While I won’t go all cheesy, single Christian on you here…I do believe that my first pursuit should be with God. I should be seeking after Him and having Him pursue me. And He does that, relentlessly.

We look to God to be our guide, our example. Why shouldn’t that be the case when we are single in seeing what pursuit and relationships should be modeled after? It means work, it means time, and it means focus. For some, that just isn’t their way of living in a relationship or in singleness.

What if, though, it became that way for single Christians? That the focus was taken off of their status and put on the One who made them? That all the striving was for a deeper relationship with Him first, with no side intentions of finding someone else?

For me, it’s never Jesus and… It’s simply Jesus. I don’t seek after Him for what He can give me, I pursue Him for who He is. I firmly believe we need to be lost in Christ, in His pursuit of our hearts to fully understand and see the scope of our relationships, and our singleness.

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