Quitting Expectations

I am a big fan of the show New Girl. I have been since it started. I found myself a couple of weeks ago identifying all too well with Jess’s character. Her birthday had rolled around and she had, over the years, gotten outlandish expectations about what people did for her birthday. In an effort to not get hurt, she took herself to a movie alone.

I laughed, and then realized I do the exact same thing. I have expectations of people in my life…of the situations we find ourselves in together. Whether it be birthdays or meetings, I have crafted expectations for how these individuals will behave, how they will react, what they will do. All of it is based in how I think they should act, and not how they actually do. Hurt feelings, resentment, and anger then fill me.

Is this a fun thing to be admitting to you all today? Not in the least.

I am seeing the season of life that I am in, I am weighted down. I came upon this quote from Stephanie Gates the other day that hit me right where I am:

The task before you is not your problem. What’s wearing you down is your expectations.

Yowza, she’s totally right. I am wearing myself down…with my own expectations of how life should be, how others should be towards me, how I should be at this moment already. My circumstances, the people in my life weren’t wearing me down…it was me doing it.

What a revelation that is when you see the weight you pile on your own shoulders to carry, and how easily it could have been to dump it all off, if you’d only seen it sooner. So today, I quit having expectations of others that wear me down. I quit expecting a situation to play just as I see it, just in my favor. Today I quit being selfish with my expectations.

What expectation can you quit today?

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