31 Days of Growth

It’s February 1st. January both inched along and flew by. Is that possible?

My word for the year is GROW. I found out that when you pick a word like that, you’d better hold on for a life unexpected.

Photo courtesy of herdwise.net
Photo courtesy of herdwise.net

Initially I planned to focus on 12 different areas to grow in throughout this year. But quickly I found that when you are focusing on growth, every area starts to sprout up a bit more.

I still continued though throughout the month on growing my writing. I had been stunted out of fear to be honest. I was worried that my true voice wasn’t coming out but I couldn’t figure out what that would look like. I invested in reading books from various writers to explore what the voice in me would look like.

After having so much weighing on my heart, I dug into writing the first draft of my book. It is absolutely terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I sent the opening introduction to a couple of really close individuals whom I value their feedback and who give it honestly. It was raw, but it was received well. So I continue on. I have a couple of chapters written and continue to grow my voice in my book.

I think so often people want to force you into what they want from writing, or for you to write on topics that appease them. In reality, a writer works through life with their writing. It’s how we process…and it may be months later before we feel comfortable in sharing it. Or we may never share it, it only needed to be out of our heads.

While my writing grows, so does my heart in understanding that there will be critics and haters of my writing. In all honesty, this month has taught me that I don’t care about them. I care about the one who my writing touches or who needed to read that on a particular day.

If that’s not you, then why read my writing? If you are only seeking to condemn and criticize, you need to find another place to fuel your ugliness. It will not be given weight in my world, and your bitterness is yours to manage, not mine.

So growth continues this month, as I seek out a new adventure. I cannot wait to share it…and we only have 28 days to do it! How’s your OneWord365 going so far? Want to share?

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