Singling Out Saturday

I hope you all have had a great week! While it was an abbreviated work week, it sure felt full!

Today I wanted to share with you a quote from The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas. As you know from past Singling Out Saturdays, I am fond of this book. I think every single believer should read this, every Christian dating couple should study through it…

Making a wise marital choice begins with giving proper weight to significant issues-a shared mission and character traits

This of course must be framed within the context of a believing relationship. That is most vital in any dating relationship, and one that you cannot attempt to rectify through marriage.

While I am not yet married, I have experience in dating and let me just say…these come out pretty quickly early on in dating. You can choose to value them at the time or you can play them off as unimportant, but they will surface. It is your due diligence to value what you value and hold to that.

Don’t forego values and standards, beliefs and faith in a relationship simply to be with someone, especially if they are not a believer or they appease your values for a short time.

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