Beast Mode (or my article on Peyton Manning today)

Yesterday I watched with nervousness as the Denver Broncos narrowly beat the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Playoffs. If you’re new around these parts or don’t know me very well, I love football. and baseball. and college basketball. and tennis. But hockey? You can keep it.

I am also a huge Broncos fan (and loathe the Chargers…because Philip Rivers, that’s why). So why does this all matter? Well first off, the Chargers have been a thorn in the Broncos side for a while…and in Peyton Manning since his days with the Colts, especially in the playoffs. Secondly, because I knew this article was getting published today over on Single Roots and I really didn’t want to be a jinx. Yes, I am serious. We sports fans have weird superstitions and such…but it’d only be weird if they didn’t work.

I am talking about passion, living it out, and how you can be your own Peyton Manning in that. So go give it a read, and then continue reading below…


Let me add a little something if you are coming from Single Roots on over here about the column this week…after the game yesterday the reporter grabbed Peyton as he headed off to the locker room and began the barrage of questions. Her last one? “So let me be the first to ask about Manning vs. Brady next week.” Peyton’s response was such a nod to this article I couldn’t have made it up if I tried. “Well first off it’s Broncos vs. Patriots, and second we’ll start work on that tomorrow. Right now, we’re going to go enjoy this victory.”

So when you do start hitting those milestones, those markers in living out your passion, don’t forget to celebrate as a team. Take a moment to enjoy the moment with those around you…and know you aren’t alone when you go up against the next opponent.

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