Clothing Optional

It’s cold here. Like it is everywhere else in the US it seems for the present. Yesterday I forewent my more professional attire for work in order to be warm. This included three layers of clothing, gloves, hat and coat. I realize for many this is the norm in the winter, but I live in Tennessee. I haven’t had to layer like this since the blizzard of ’93 I believe.

I was thinking very intentionally about what I was putting on, as I did again today with our high being 19 by the afternoon, and it struck me. I don’t typically put this much thought into the spiritual things I am told to clothe myself in daily. While the physical clothing keeps me warm, the spiritual prepares me for battle…prepares me for my day.

Last week I wrapped up a study of Proverbs I had been doing in my morning devotions. Of course I came to Proverbs 31, which for many women is daunting, but I now revel in having read A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans.

Compliments of
Compliments of

As I thought more and read further, verse 25 talks to the woman who clothes herself in strength and dignity. She is intentional about putting those on. When you clothe yourself, you are drawing from the warmth-the power if you will-of what you have on. You are choosing something for it’s warmth, it’s comfort, it’s strength it gives you.

Do you have that outfit? That one when you wear it, you feel like you can do anything? You know the one that just popped into your head. For my nephews, it’s either a cape or a jersey. They take on the persona and are invincible. For me? This pair of green pants I wear occasionally.

What if we as women started realizing and intentionally choosing to clothe ourselves in strength and in dignity? Each morning, as you get dressed, put it on and see how it shapes you and your day. Draw from the strength that isn’t from you, but from God. Carry the dignity of a woman of Christ.

It’s optional of course. But I do believe I’d rather have that than any cape or jersey or green pants.


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